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Liquid Chalk Marker or Removable Posca?

The people who make Posca Markers have a liquid chalk marker. There are a number of liquid chalk markers on the market but this is the first one I've found that offers such strong colours and is resistant to accidental rubbing off. To remove these you need a damp cloth. The water and the friction will bring these off with just a bit of effort. And, there is no residue.
I use these on glass, melamine, whiteboards, shelving, desk tops and metal filing cabinets. Removing the 'chalk' is easy. Although, when rubbed with a dry cloth or scratched with a fingernail it is surprisingly resilient. With a wet the cloth the chalk activates to becomes a cloud of colour, which wipes off effortlessly.
On whiteboards it leaves no residue, even when left for months.
And, the price for these is excellent. Comparing the price for other liquid chalk markers or whiteboard markers these are an excellent choice.
The downside is they can't be used on most blackboards. The toothy nature of blackboard paint holds the pigment and it stains.
See here for our full range.

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