Posca Markers

Posca nib sizes

Posca Markers are acrylic ink markers with lightfast, waterproof, high-pigmented inks. The ink has the same chemical properties as acrylic paint but the finished artwork is very unique in appearance. It has a flat-matt look that is distinctly ‘Posca Pens’. Many of our artists use Posca’s just for that look. They can be used on many surfaces including surfboards, canvases, wood, metal and plastics, even shoes. The ink is permanent once dry.

Tips: A wet brush can be used to blend and give gradients of colour to Posca ink.
Art varnish can be used to seal artwork. We recommend acrylic varnish and spray varnish. Choose matt, satin or gloss varnish.
Two-pack resins can be poured over finished artwork to give a glass-like coating.
Dry Posca paint can be removed from glass (windows, windscreens) by using a blade to scrape the paint off then using Windex to clean up.

The different sized Posca's are shown below. Each category has its own nib size and shape. The finest nib draws a .7mm line similar to a thick biro and the broadest draws a chunky 15mm line. Each category has different colour availability with Medium Bullet Tip having the most at 39 colours. For more information on nib and pen sizes go here.

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